• WeiPhone.com was founded in January 10th,2007,the same day in which Apple Inc. released iphone to the world.

    Weiphone was the most popular chinese comunities about iphone since it was established, providing a communication,discusion and study platform;Every iphone's version deciphered and every significant breakthrough of iphone software were born in WeiPhone,who worked as a lead for application and widespread of iphone in China.

    Weiphone has created a new website mode,updating from a forum to a website,our content and web pages were produced from you.every member of WeiPhone could paticipant in constrution of our site and share your resouces.

    Weiphone's aim is share,cooperation,every member is one part of us,we believe people's power is infinite.

    Our goal is: establish the portal site of iphone for chinese user!

    Our services:

    1. WeiPhone.com is forum discussing technology mainly.(http://bbs.feng.com) to be the home of most apple's fans,the most popular chinese iphone community.

    2. We develop iphone's application by WeiPhone Dev Team parimary;(http://dev.feng.com) WeiPhone Dev Team active explored all kinds of iphone software for chinese: some applied software,like WesSMS,Wettool,iSMS,Weddict,Wefit.and five types of iphone games(12345 ).more programs are developing!

    3. Issue apple's information mainly;(http://www.6547447.com) WeiPhone is going to be the most im portant ,comprehesive website about iphone and apple information,possessing the most timely,authoritative and plentiful information.

    4. iphone's resources download,including movie,music,software,wallpaper,theme and so on.


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